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Visiting us on 11.6.22 ????☀️Press release "Prince Islay" The love of Scottish whiskey led to Udo Prinz - aka "Prince Islay" - also for the love of the local music. But especially the distilleries on the island of "Islay" in western Scotland, hence the artist name "Prince Islay". For more than 10 years, "Prince Islay" has been playing his favorite Hebridean songs at countless whiskey tastings, festivals and other celebrations and he always has his own songs with him! Such as his song "Scotland my dear" which reflects the longing for this extraordinary country. Equipped with a powerful voice, accompanied by guitar and in a traditional kilt, "Prince Islay" evokes in the minds of the listeners the wide landscape of the islands, the lightness of the waves of the sea and the serenity of the islanders. "Prince Islay" also likes to sing the Gaelic accent, which is known to be not so easy to interpret. So does the unofficial anthem of the Isle of Islay - "Westering home" or "Twa recruiting sergeants". But "Prinz Islay" also always has completely Gaelic songs - which are traditionally only sung and called "Port à Beul" - with them. He now also has a world first in his range: As a "harmonic pipe drummer" he plays his self-developed "bagpipe harmonica", which imitates the deep, continuous drone sound of the bagpipes. This is controlled externally by a fan, so it can play classic Scottish melodies on the harmonica at the same time. He accompanies himself with the traditional Scottish side snare. The drum that is always used in Scottish marching bands for the extraordinary rhythm. Because of this invention, he is the first marching band in the world to consist of only one person, the "Harmonic Pipe Drummer".

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